About Me

I have always been a traveller at heart and I have been fortunate enough to visit places as far away as Australia and Argentina and those in between such as Uzbekistan and Ethiopia. I love going off to countries and experiencing the diversity of people and cultures and I believe this has given me a depth and breadth of insight into people. My experience is that there are wonderful, friendly people everywhere and great sights to enjoy. I see the best in people and their potential and understand that we are all connected.

For many years now, besides the physical travelling, I have also undertaken a different type of journey – one that has been very challenging and at times scary. I’m talking about the journey of self-discovery – Am I enough? Fulfilling my potential? How will I  be remembered? How should I deal with doubts..anxiety..fear and those other feelings that sometimes come up in life?

These last fifteen years have seen me gathering and personalising tools that have enabled me to discover a new way of living and to pass that on. I have been helping and mentoring others and this has allowed me to develop and grow my own coaching style.

As a life coach and mentor, I have the privilege of witnessing first hand the incredible growth and awakenings possible for all of us. 

Words that describe me: Resilient. Courageous. Steadfast. Loyal. Adventurous. Gregarious. Amenable. Dependable.