About Me

I have always been a traveller at heart and for many years now, besides the physical travelling, I have also undertaken a different type of journey – one that has been very challenging but also very rewarding. I’m talking about the journey of self-discovery – Am I enough? Fulfilling my potential? How will I be remembered? How should I deal with doubts, anxiety, fear? – and those other feelings that sometimes come up in life and can hold us back?

These last seventeen years have seen me gathering and personalising tools that have enabled me to discover a new way of living and to pass that on. I have been helping and mentoring others and this has allowed me to develop and grow my own coaching style.

As a life coach and mentor, I have the privilege of witnessing first hand the incredible growth and awakenings possible for all of us. 

Words that describe me: Resilient. Courageous. Steadfast. Loyal. Adventurous. Gregarious. Amenable. Dependable.