Sue, Milton Keynes

I started working with Rob at a time in my life where I was uncertain of things in both my personal life and in my budding business venture. Doubt plagued me in all areas and Rob was instrumental in helping to see that everything was intertwined, mixed up, and thrown into the same bucket. He had a knack of helping me to shift perspective away from all the negatives I was living with and ask myself different questions. With this change in tack, I was able to understand and remove a few blocks that were holding me back. He is a good listener and somehow understands the situation, and he engages with kindness and empathy while also asking probing questions. Working with Rob is challenging, revealing, and rewarding, and I would 100% recommend him to anyone looking to discover their truth and become the best version of themselves.

Kate, Buckingham

Working with Rob has been a life changing experience and has helped me move past being ‘stuck’ in a number of areas. Since working with him I have completed a Masters degree, taken steps towards a major life change and begun to design a life that really fits with my core values and ambitions for myself. Being able to work on really big issues to uncover my motivations has only been possible because of Rob’s professionalism and genuine care for my development. I’ve got further in the few months I’ve been working with him than I had in the previous 5 years.