Benefits of Life Coaching

All of the truly important battles are waged in the mind   –   Sheldon Kopp
We all know the drill by now  “Be yourself, everyone else is taken”. You are a unique creation – there has never been another you and there never will be. That’s not life coaching – that’s science. So, what’s the problem in life? What holds us back, blocks us, tells us we can’t do something or that real success and happiness is for other people (those ones that have it all together)? The answer of course is simple. It’s us, ourselves – our own core belief systems that have an often negative bias: you can’t do it…you’re not good enough…you’re not grown up yet…what would people think if they heard this?                                                                                                           

My approach to life coaching is to challenge these beliefs and facilitate the process of replacing them with a new system – one that gives you mastery over the inner critic and allows you the freedom to take control of your destiny. For many years the idea of having a personal coach has been gaining mainstream popularity. Once the domain of elite athletes and politicians, everyday people have joined them in realising the benefits of having a non-judgemental ally – someone to reflect back unbiased interpretations of events and thought patterns.

It has been proven time and again that individually tailored coaching improves performance and productivity but this is not all – evidence demonstrates that those who undertake life coaching see improved self-awareness and a healthier way of thinking.